I Dumped Barack Obama

Wow, Barack… I never thought I’d say this but I need some space.  I mean, it was cool when you were all over Facebook, I was there with you.  You were hip!  You understood the Internet!  I joined your Facebook group way back in like, maybe January, and I even joined the DC for Obama group too. Seriously though, you’ve gotten a little clingy lately and I really need some space.

I mean, it probably isn’t you it is probably me.  I made the mistake of joining your Facebook groups and signing up on your website.  We got too involved too soon.  There were days when I’d get two Facebook messages, two e-mails, and a Facebook “update.”  Yeah, too much.  Don’t sweat it though, I’m still going to vote for you and I’m still going to let everyone know what a great record you have on choice issues (and how g*d awful McCain’s record is).  Might not mention that whole FISA thing though…

Wow, as I’m writing this blog entry I just got off the phone with a DC for Obama organizer.  SERIOUSLY JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!

This week I left your Facebook group(s), removed myself from your e-mail list, and sent Planned Parenthood the $30 I was going to donate to the Obama ’08 campaign.  You know why?  Planned Parenthood gave me some dang space!  I don’t need you in my inbox every freaking day.  I don’t need Joe effing Biden filling up my Facebook notices.  Once a week Barack, once a week is enough. What’s that?  You say it is hard to send out too many messages on Facebook?  Guess what, don’t care!  It felt like a hassle and I started to resent you so back off.  Yeah?

Please don’t make me feel bad about this.  I know you need me now more than ever, that we’re only 8 weeks out from the election, that every dollar I send you is important, and that you’re “galvanizing your supporters.”  I’m going to stay in the Students for Barack Obama group since they haven’t abused the privlage sending messages to the entire membership…  They’re on watch too though.


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One response to “I Dumped Barack Obama

  1. I can totally relate. The one thing that I find seriously alarming: the emails are PERSONABLE!

    I keep opening up emails from “Joe” with subject lines like “I was thinking…” with email bodies that somehow slip below my spam/commercial/political mental email filter.

    Once I realize what has happened, it always takes me a bit to regain my footing, and I am not too happy. Even worse, I think I am developing some kind of negative Pavlovian association with my beloved candidates.

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