Sorry Sarah



Man, this whole week is all about me apologizing to Republicans…

Anyway, Feministing pointed me to this charming website selling Sarah Palin dolls in a variety of outfits?!  The school girl outfit just doesn’t even make sense– when was she in Catholic school?

Just the other night I was complaining to someone about how hard it is to defend Sarah Palin and not actually support her.  I think that a lot of her stances on things like abortion are terrible and not needed in the White House but I also think that she has really, really gotten the short end of the media stick lately.

For example, did you all know that some a**hole Donny Deutsch on CNBC wants “Sarah Palin in bed next to [him].”  Oh, and Hillary Clinton needed to put on a skirt. (Skip to about 3:30 if you’re short on time).

It isn’t that I think the media shouldn’t discuss the implication of a candidate’s gender on his/her policy, perspectives, or past. BUT I think that discussing gender does not have to end up as sexy-school girl v. ball breaker.  I know that the media can do better.  Her politics is not all a result of her uterus; her daughter’s pregnancy should be discussed only insofar as it pertains to her stance on sex-ed and abortion; her looks matter only in so far as she’s easier on the eyes than Biden in those VP debates; and seriously why are we talking about her skirts.  (To be fair, I did wonder why we were talking about skirts v. pants during the Clinton campaign).

When Clinton complained about sexism in the media I kind of pretended to look the other way, after all I was an Obama supporter and frankly felt that women of a certain age needed to understand that she bought the ticket now she needed to ride the ride.  At the time I even kind of laughed at the ball breaker because well it is funny and who wants to be that ol’ Feminist who can’t take a joke?

I think, though, that what we’re seeing in the discussion of Palin is a lot more overt discussions of sexuality and physical appeal.  This is true even in the columnists making snarky comments about how Palin looks like his daughter/MILF/mistress.


Honestly, my concern isn’t so much that Palin is being vetted by the media– she needs to be, as does any VP candidate.  However, vetting is not in any way the same thing as critiquing her fashion choices, discussing how much you want to sleep with her, or asserting that you trust her because you’d let her watch your kids!

Seriously people.  We can treat all our women politicians better than this…


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One response to “Sorry Sarah

  1. I couldn’t agree more… the coverage of gender in this entire cycle has been awful, and has only become worse since Palin appeared.

    On the other hand, the McCain machine has pretty much hidden her from the media until today, so she can study, so they’ve had very little to talk about. Maybe now that they’ve finally let her speak to the press, the conversation will be able to focus on her actual policy positions. You know, like how she’s a complete warmonger with zero knowledge of foreign policy.

    Charles Gibson looked truly terrified when she responded to his question about Georgia joining NATO.

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