Is the Sky Falling?

I really must appologize for my recent silence.  You’ll forgive me, won’t you?  I’ve been awfully busy building my tin foil hat and trying to decide if the sky is, in fact, falling.  I can’t actually tell how much of a panic I should be in these days… there is that pesky little “crisis of leadership” in Washington, a woman who could charitably be described as under-qualified running as the VP to a major party, and of course there are still questions about elections and all the major change it could indiciate.  This is too much for one girl to handle.

I’ve done myself a disservice, I know, but not boning up on economic knowledge beyond my high school AP econ class several years ago.  I read all these reports and I have to admit, like so many other people, I tend to wonder why the f*ck we’re spending $700 billion we don’t actually have on this rescue.  Now, I know that I’m in a unique position because I’m not looking to acquire any more debt in the next few years– I’ll stick to paying down thank you very much.

I find that I struggle with a desire to take power away from a few powerful people and give it back to the “people.”  Of course, I only feel that way until I’m like, “well the right people… my people.”  And that is hardly fair.  So, in an incredibly complex situation like this one, I’ve decided to trust my politicians (ha!) to do the right thing (double ha) for the country.  In part, this is the easy way out.  Also, though, I really can’t begin to learn all the economic theory needed to make anything even resembling a good decision on this one.  While I’m not 100% convinced my representatives can, I do think they can get the right people to explain it to them.

Isn’t that what leadership is?  Getting a good team to produce at their best?  I think we can still, sort of, maybe expect that from Washington, D.C.


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