Dear Abby is Wrong About This One…

Thanks to the wonderful feminists over at Feministing who pointed me to this article from Dear Abby:

DEAR ALL: As I see it, there are two kinds of expenses when people share a dwelling: joint expenses and those that are personal. Prescription drugs usually fall into the latter category. Unless you are prepared to pay half the cost of his prescription drugs — including Viagra — my advice is to back down on this one.

I try, I really do, not to get too far up on my soapbox about how feminism means EQUALITY and how when you make a baby there are TWO people there who are EQUALLY genetically responsible for said baby.  Now, while I understand that my partner shouldn’t have to pay for my anti-anxiety pills I would never, ever live with a man who felt like the responsibility for contraception was completely mine (financially and otherwise).

For way, way too long the pill has been used as a way to make women responsible for unintended pregnancy and to absolve men from responsibility (hey, it can’t be your fault if she forgot to take the pill).  Well, I call bull sh*t.

You don’t get to have it both way dudes (and apparently Dear Abby too).  You don’t get to hyper-regulate birth control, access to abortion, and family planning or sex ed AND then get to say that you aren’t responsible for the cost of the birth control YOU (er, other white men in state and federal offices) have legislated into higher and higher prices.  Men don’t get to pretend they have a voice in reproduction when it is about regulation and then be all “oh no this is all the ladies’ thing” when it is about coughing up some cold hard cash…

Also, I’d like to thank my amazing more-feminist-than-he-might-know boyfriend for offering to split the cost of contraception.  I didn’t even have to ask, yeah he’s that awesome.  Man, I had no idea how wound up that little article by Dear Abby would get me.

Oh, and if you’re interested in keeping birth control affordable please stop by the Planned Parenthood Action Fund’s website to learn more and take action.  It will get you angry, but it might make you write a nasty blog post or letter to the editor, and that is productive.


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