A Little Foe Outrage For Your Monday Morning

There have been a couple of posts over at the gnovis blog about what this election has actually done to the role of women voters.  We aren’t really hearing about choice issues, food stamps, child care, medicaid, etc.  While I understand that the economy and security will always be at the center of elections, I also feel like the economy has a major impact on many women, especially single-mothers and low(er) income women.  Talking about Wall Street v. Main Street doesn’t capture the unique position that many women find themselves in when child care becomes more expensive and wages are dropping (or vanishing outright).

This video, from Fox news, is indicative of how the media is treating “women’s issues” since Sarah Palin joined the election.  We’re talking about the relative merits of airbrushing Sarah Palin, an admittedly gorgeous woman, and not talking about sexual assault, the effect that widespread airbrushing is having on teen girls, eating disorders, etc. Yes, some of this is filling air time, and I know that 24-hours of news will take anything it can get… but common.  “A slap in the face?”

Let me tell you what a slap in the face is.  A slap in the face is McCain thinking Palin’s nomination will make women think he’s sensitive to their issues.  A slap in the face is Palin requiring rape victims to pay for their own rape kits.  A slap in the face is expecting me to place loyalty to my gender over rationality.

Many thanks to the wonderful writers at Feministing for pointing me to this video.


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