Picture This: Facebook and PPSD

It’s no secret that I am a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood… seriously, drinking all the Kool-Aid they can send my way.  Thus, I’m really excited to take part in their photo campaign via Facebook and the StandUpSD blog.  Earlier this autumn they did this photo “contest” that, in my humble opinoin, just did not go over well.  They idea was to take a photo around the theme “let families decide“– the slogan their using in this year’s “no on 11” campaign.  It didn’t go over well– I think they only got maybe 1 photo, posted by the woman who administers the blog.

Now, though, they’re doing a much easier contest– just you holding a sign saying why you’ll vote no on IM 11.  Easy, way less conceptual than the earlier photo, and a format/type that people are used to (NARAL is doing something similar).

I think it’s also good that they’re using Facebook to collect photos.  Since Facebook announces when someone is tagged in a photo to their whole network, tagging supporters in photos seems like a good way for PPSD and the Campaign for Healthy Families to show the supporter’s friends their position on IM 11.  It will probably help convince people that there is a broad base of support among their friends– the people they trust.

I didn’t have a sign with me at Mt. Rushmore the day I was there, but I also can’t vote in SD so… you know, it probably doesn’t matter that I’m not quite following the “rules.”


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