Planned Parenthood Is Taking Over My Facebook Page… And I Like It

My new Facebook profile image

My new Facebook profile image

I have to admit, when I got to the Facebook update from Planned Parenthood with the subject line “Win a Collectible Planned Parenthood Action Fund Prize Package!” I was intrigued.  Frankly, I’m a little embarrassed by this because really I don’t need all that much more swag from Planned Parenthood and also, I mean, really?  I’m motivated by a prize package that will include things like a poster and some of their anti-McCain condoms (which are cool, but seem to me like they’d kill the mood.  Just sayin’).

Plus, when I actually read what I’d have to do my first reaction was all “um, seriously that sounds like a lot of work.  No thanks.”  They’re asking for people to get lots of supporters and/or donations– which is great, and really needed– but I also feel like I’ve asked my friends to do a lot already.  Nobody wants to wear out their welcome.

Cleverly, though, if you’re not willing to do stuff like solicit donors or volunteers, you can do things to “show your solidarity” with Planned Parenthood.  Thus, the image you see above is also my new profile image.  Not like it is a surprise to anyone I know on Facebook that I’m pro-Obama, pro-Woman, or pro-Choice.  But, you know, that is way easier than doing things like begging my broke grad student friends for money.

Also, I have to say that Planned Parenthood has done an Excellency job of using hip graphic design to its fullest.  All their literature, swag, websites, Facebook accounts etc. use exactly the same style and color palate.  Whoever they’ve paid to do their branding must really know her/his stuff because it manages to be hip without taking away from their overall message and mission.  The fuschia, orange, and black is just beautiful (as a former art historian I feel like I can say things like this with some degree of authority, fyi).  Who wouldn’t want one of their posters signed by the incredible Cecile Richards?  It borders on hip design– not just political detritus.


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