So, I’m Not The Only One Creeped Out By Facebook Politics

Just wanted to let ya’ll know that Jezebel agrees with me.  Writing about the post-election reaction on Facebook, the Jezebel ladies note:

But then something else hits you: the anger in her messages and the vitriol in her words must sound, to you, exactly like your anti-Palin/anti-McCain rants sound to her. And yet, she still sends you pictures of her kids, asks you about your job and how your mom is doing, and hopes to see you at Thanksgiving. And so the question becomes: does the political outweigh the personal? Do you owe anyone a friendship if their views run so opposite to yours?

This is a fine line, there used to be a time when the liberal and conservative staffers might still go out for a beer together at night.  I fear that time has passed.  And, if it has, does that mean our Facebook profiles are the next to go?


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One response to “So, I’m Not The Only One Creeped Out By Facebook Politics

  1. Lyndsi

    I’ve definitely felt this way as well. I mean, your personal status is supposed to be your way of expressing yourself, right? But then some of your “friends” who don’t agree with you get mad and either de-friend you or perform some other form of retaliation. But, to me, I think it’s worse that people get so angry that others don’t think like them that they actually de-friend them or whatnot. Since when is it bad to have an opinion? It’s one thing to get mad over overtly racist remarks, but to get so angry to the point of retaliation because a conservative friend isn’t happy that Obama won (or vice-versa)? That’s disgraceful.

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