This blog was created in Sept. 2008 as part of my coursework for an Internet Politics class.  I hope to continue to use it as an outlet for my political/media thoughts as my personal blog, BashfullyDesigned, tends to focus on art and creativity.

At the moment I am most concerned with questions about reproductive rights, the representation and discourse surrounding female politicians, and sex education.  I’ve worked for Planned Parenthood and am involved in H*yas for Choice and will try to cross-post some information from that group here as well.

A note about the title– I understand that the phrase “fifth column” can have good or bad connotations I picked it because it denotes someone willing to fight and resist though they are not overtly politially active in their daily life.  It is precisely this ambiguous loyalty that intrigues.  Oh, and it does sound awfully sexy doesn’t it?  Who doesn’t like an anti-fascist?!

Header image “News” via StevenT’s Flickr Stream.  Licensed under the creative commons.


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