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A Love Letter to NPR’s “On the Media”

Right On Red on NPRs On the Media

"Right On Red" on NPR's "On the Media"

I hope you all listen to NPR’s “On the Media” every week– it (along with CBC’s “Search Engine“) consistently amazes me with its ability to hit the zeitgeist nail on the head.  This week’s episode is worth a listen, they discuss the Obama campaign’s online outreach work, talk about the world’s reaction to now President-Elect Obama, and talk about the growing split in the GOP.  Basically, I use these as Cliff Notes to my education…

I mean, good lord they’re both free podcasts and you’ll sound super informed and incredibly smart at those cocktail parties and/or in class.


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Photographing Hope, Change, and a Little Advice

Peace to You by Veggirl38

"Peace to You" by Veggirl38

While procrastinating this morning I came across this Flickr Pool, A Message to Obama, sponsored by the UK newspaper The Guardian.  Not all of the photos hold messages that are supportive, but all the photos seem honest, which is a nice change from snarky irony.

Dear President Obama by strange.little.mama

"Dear President Obama" by strange.little.mama

I’d meant to show you some photos of the Planned Parenthood “This is what it feels like” project (also on Flickr) but got way too distracted reading the positive/supportive messages in this pool.  I’ll show you the Planned Parenthood photos later…

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We Just Saw “The First Campaign”

Not going to lie, it was a little weird to read The First Campaign: Globalization, the Web, and the Race for the White House just a few short days after Barack Obama made history.  I wanted to like Garrett Graff’s book, but as with so many books about globalization and technology’s potential I found that his work fell short of a truly illuminating discussion.

Of course, part of this may be that on Nov. 4 the work was instantly dated.  I believe that, though he made a few missteps along the way, President-Elect Obama’s online presence was far superior to anything Graff talks about in the book.  As a testament to just how dated the book already is, Obama is only listed in the index 25 times (for a book that is 290 pages long), where as the Clintons show up over 40 times. Continue reading

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Yes. We. Did.

A Simple Sticker For a Monumental Right from the New York Times Polling Place Photography Project.

"I Voted: A Simple Sticker For a Monumental Right" from the New York Times' Polling Place Photography Project.

And then, suddenly, I knew that cynicism and doubt have faded and that we made history.  My friends in DC walked to the White House, my friends in Seattle sang the national anthem in the street with hundreds of strangers, Jon and I didn’t know if we should be dancing or crying.  This must be what true, honest patriotism feels like.

Today, instead of posting a photo of the front pages of the papers, I wanted to show you some of the photos from The New York Times‘ Polling Place Photography Project.  They are an incredible reminder of how varied America and Americans are but, inside the voting booth, all (wo)men are created equal. Continue reading

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Vote, On Principle

Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.

—John Quincy Adams

Please, please remember to vote today.  I almost don’t care who you vote for as long as you show up and make your voice heard.  I know it is uncool to admit these days, but I have an incredible amount of faith in the American people.

Yes. We. Can.

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Election Night Game

MurphyJs Election Game Download PDF for Free

MurphyJ's Election Game Download PDF for Free

Oh my heavens the excitement is killing me… it is like Christmas eve or something.  Hard to believe that tomorrow, two years after this campaign got going, is the day we elect someone who is NOT George Bush.

My partner, Jon, spent the weekend making a game for election night.  You can download the PDF for free here and distribute the game to your friends.  I’m not sure what the prize is on our end if we win, but I’m holding out for the red state, blue state mug

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Donate Your Facebook Status?

Have you not asked for enough Sirs?!  Now you want my Facebook status too?!  I mean, I have big, big plans for my status on Nov. 4– but I do not need your fancy application to update my status for me.  No sir.  For me, part of what makes status updates fun is that they are original and a bit funny– plus, I don’t have to manage a Twitter account to still get all the little jokes and quips from my friends.

Facebook is to be commended for their GOTV efforts but, in general, I think that a person’s status update is just a wee bit sacred.  In many ways it is one of the few ways to express yourself on Facebook since it isn’t pre-coded or set up based on check boxes.  Thus, if Planned Parenthood sends me an update and asks me to change my status to something that supports Planned Parenthood’s mission, I am there.  100%.  But, having this set up to automatically update my status just weirds me out– we wont be making our own politial statements but we’ll be simply parroting what Facebook (not even a campaign!) says for us. Continue reading

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