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Boob Job Piggy Bank.

Oh good lord…  via BoingBoing, a Boob Job piggy bank?!  Sold at an online store specializing in girls’ room decor!  I can’t even tell you how worked up this got me.  Plus, after that long post a few days ago I’ll keep this one oh so short.

On one hand, I try to remember that sometimes things are funny and even if they’re a little bit sexist or mean… well, sometimes that is part of humor.  So, while I might laugh at this if it was in an adult friend’s bathroom or on her desk I might also ask wonder just how tongue-in-cheek it really is.  I’m not sure its actually funny to imply that dissatisfaction with your body is normal.  Well, I mean… disatisfaction with your body is a normal part of growing up life but “fixing” it with plastic surgery is a fairly drastic step.

Could you even imagine a piggy bank for girls that said something like “ice cream,” “books,” or– God forbid– “birth control.” (Frankly, with the way things are looking in DC girls might need to save for the pill– unless a friend gets them a certificate to Planned Parenthood for Xmas).

Frankly, when I was a teen girl the last thing I needed was for my parents or friends to give me something that implied I needed a different body.


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