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Back Soon… I think

Back Soon” from Frengo2.0’s Flickr Stream.  Licensed under the Creative Commons.

The semester is just about over, the election is behind us, and I’m feeling confident that Barack Obama is going to keep the world’s uteruses safe (for the time being).  I’ve so enjoyed sharing this space with you all and having to form (what I hope are) cogent thoughts on American political issues.

I’m finished with the class I started this blog for and am trying to decide what to do with the space.  The content here doesn’t easily fit into my personal blog, BashfullyDesigned, but I am not sure that I can keep up a commitment to this space too…  In the next few days I’m planning to figure out just what this space will be used for– in many ways it is as much a part of my life as Bashful but there are ways in which the tone I take here is hard to keep up– that kind of perpetual criticism is exhausting, don’t you think?

Stay tuned, I wont leave you hanging like this, I swear.  Plus, there are all sorts of rumors and speculation swirling about the inauguration and I’ll be following those like crazy.


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Relationship Management, for Politicos…

Click for PDF of Constituent Relationship Management

Click for PDF

I just finished another IPDI report, “Constituent Relationship Management: The New Little Black Book of Politics” (available as a free PDF from their website).  Like the Mobilizing Generation 2.0 book I read and blogged about a month ago, I found that the essential take away from the IPDI report is that, newsflash, people still matter.  Many of the authors included in the IPDI report frequently and strongly emphasize that the emphasis in constituent relationship management (CRM) should really be on the relationship not just the data or what the data does for you.

Obviously, in the web 2.0 world campaigns need to respond to the people they’re asking to do anything– from fwd an e-mail to make a donation.  Mobilizing Generation 2.0 touched on this a little too, now that we’re used to being in contact and getting feedback quickly, it seems weird (and actually downright sketchy) when we don’t get at least an auto response saying “thanks for your input, we’ll get back to you soon.”

On some level this seems really obvious, right?  I mean, isn’t politics all about shaking hands and kissing babies?  Every time I go out on a canvas or volunteer at a phone bank the organizer tells me that even though they have direct mail, robo calls, etc. it is still vital that the voters meet the people involved in the campaign.  Continue reading

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