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Boob Job Piggy Bank.

Oh good lord…  via BoingBoing, a Boob Job piggy bank?!  Sold at an online store specializing in girls’ room decor!  I can’t even tell you how worked up this got me.  Plus, after that long post a few days ago I’ll keep this one oh so short.

On one hand, I try to remember that sometimes things are funny and even if they’re a little bit sexist or mean… well, sometimes that is part of humor.  So, while I might laugh at this if it was in an adult friend’s bathroom or on her desk I might also ask wonder just how tongue-in-cheek it really is.  I’m not sure its actually funny to imply that dissatisfaction with your body is normal.  Well, I mean… disatisfaction with your body is a normal part of growing up life but “fixing” it with plastic surgery is a fairly drastic step.

Could you even imagine a piggy bank for girls that said something like “ice cream,” “books,” or– God forbid– “birth control.” (Frankly, with the way things are looking in DC girls might need to save for the pill– unless a friend gets them a certificate to Planned Parenthood for Xmas).

Frankly, when I was a teen girl the last thing I needed was for my parents or friends to give me something that implied I needed a different body.


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Michelle Obama As Model and Role Model

I’ve been holding off on sharing my thoughts on Michelle Obama, not because I don’t think she is an unbelievable woman but because everyone from Feministing to Jezebel to Salon has noted how a woman with degrees from Princeton and Harvard, a successful career, two beautiful daughters and an accomplished husband is now talking a lot about… fashion?  And cooking?

In a year when women made huge leaps forward (even Sarah Palin, I’m embarrassed to say), why has Michelle Obama’s role as first lady been reduced to domestic concerns about schools, redecorating the White House, fashion, and hosting parties?  I thought that the National Post‘s story summed it up well and it is worth quoting at length (thanks to MicheleObamaWatch for the link):

The battle to conform to wifely expectations was previously fought by Hillary Clinton, a woman who recently made a hell-bent run for the exact same job her husband held in the years that she was forced to choke on her health plan and write books about the White House cat. (So let’s not pretend that the role of stifled icon might not take some independent women on a wacky psychological ride.)

But Michelle is in an even tighter bind, in part because of the legacy left her by Hillary and her detractors. Powerful couples must now tread as far as possible from the “two for one” talk, lest the female half get smacked with a nutcracker.

Like the women at Michelle Obama Watch, I have a couple of problems with this argument.  Mostly, of course there is the notion that women can’t be mothers AND be successful or that choosing to mother and/or follow your husband while he makes history is somehow less than a “successful” choice.  Feminism has been working for years to validate the choices women make, as long as women are making them– not their fathers, husbands, brothers etc.  Also, I worry that this idea that powerful women can’t be in the White House means that we’re reinscribing the idea that ANY woman can’t be a powerful force in the White House– even as a president, someday.  Even Hillary Clinton couldn’t escape the “her spouse will be too powerful” argument.  I don’t like the idea that the most powerful person the world can’t/shouldn’t have a spouse that challenges him/her or that has opinions of her/his own. Continue reading

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Sorry Sarah



Man, this whole week is all about me apologizing to Republicans…

Anyway, Feministing pointed me to this charming website selling Sarah Palin dolls in a variety of outfits?!  The school girl outfit just doesn’t even make sense– when was she in Catholic school?

Just the other night I was complaining to someone about how hard it is to defend Sarah Palin and not actually support her.  I think that a lot of her stances on things like abortion are terrible and not needed in the White House but I also think that she has really, really gotten the short end of the media stick lately.

For example, did you all know that some a**hole Donny Deutsch on CNBC wants “Sarah Palin in bed next to [him].”  Oh, and Hillary Clinton needed to put on a skirt. (Skip to about 3:30 if you’re short on time).

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