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A Little Foe Outrage For Your Monday Morning

There have been a couple of posts over at the gnovis blog about what this election has actually done to the role of women voters.  We aren’t really hearing about choice issues, food stamps, child care, medicaid, etc.  While I understand that the economy and security will always be at the center of elections, I also feel like the economy has a major impact on many women, especially single-mothers and low(er) income women.  Talking about Wall Street v. Main Street doesn’t capture the unique position that many women find themselves in when child care becomes more expensive and wages are dropping (or vanishing outright).

This video, from Fox news, is indicative of how the media is treating “women’s issues” since Sarah Palin joined the election.  We’re talking about the relative merits of airbrushing Sarah Palin, an admittedly gorgeous woman, and not talking about sexual assault, the effect that widespread airbrushing is having on teen girls, eating disorders, etc. Continue reading


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Viral Fund Raising for Planned Parenthood

My friend Ariel tipped me off to this completely amazing and brilliant e-mail campaign on behalf of Planned Parenthood.  First, I laughed.  A lot.  Then I kind of had some thoughts about how, maybe, it would be better if we all elevated the tone and is this really, really what the pro-choice community wants to do?  Now, though, I’m seriously back to loving this idea.  While I feel a little bad that Planned Parenthood will have to mail out all those cards and waste money on postage, I feel like it really will send an incredible message to the McCain-Palin campaign. I hope that this story gets some traction in the mainstream media– especially if it passes the half-a-million mark.

I’ll post the full text of the e-mail after the jump. Continue reading

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When Anonymous Prevents Private Exchange

I’ve decided that I don’t like the group loose configuration of hackers who call themselves “Anonymous.”  Sure, messing around with the Scientologists is funny– they are just so easy to taunt and really, really can’t take a joke– but I feel like “Anonymous” confuses transparency with partisan taunting.

Man, here I am apologizing to Sarah f-cking Palin again.

See, this is why I don’t think “Anonymous” did any good by leaking the contents of Palin’s multiple Yahoo accounts.  The problem with their tactic is that the story is going to be about how Sarah Palin’s privacy was invaded, she was the victim of a crime, and the oh-so liberal Internet users don’t know how to let people they disagree with alone.  This is a shame because I think, actually, that “Anonymous” uncovered an important story here. Continue reading

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Sorry Sarah



Man, this whole week is all about me apologizing to Republicans…

Anyway, Feministing pointed me to this charming website selling Sarah Palin dolls in a variety of outfits?!  The school girl outfit just doesn’t even make sense– when was she in Catholic school?

Just the other night I was complaining to someone about how hard it is to defend Sarah Palin and not actually support her.  I think that a lot of her stances on things like abortion are terrible and not needed in the White House but I also think that she has really, really gotten the short end of the media stick lately.

For example, did you all know that some a**hole Donny Deutsch on CNBC wants “Sarah Palin in bed next to [him].”  Oh, and Hillary Clinton needed to put on a skirt. (Skip to about 3:30 if you’re short on time).

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